Best girl Boy jokes

 Guy: If you are smiling, send me your smiles.
 If you are sleeping, send me your dreams.
 If you are crying, send me your tears.
 Girl: I am in Toilet…. What should I send?



Girl: If we got married, stop smoking.
 Boy: Ok!
 Girl: Drinking too.
 Boy: Ok!
 Girl: N going to the night club too.
 Boy:- Yes..
 Girl:- What else can u leave??
 Boy:- The idea of marrying You




Boy:I Love You
 Girl:Shut Up You
 Boy: I Can't Live Without You
 Girl:Shut Up
 Boy:I Will Marry You
 Boy:Shut Up 




Girl: hi baby :

Boy: hii sweet heart…(sending failed)

Girl: Are you there?? 

Boy: yes yes..I’m here…(sending failed)

Girl: are you ignoring me or what??

Boy: honey I’m not..i m right here..(sending failed)

Girl: Its over.. don’t you ever talk to me again !!

Boy: Damn ! go to hell.. :@ (message send)




Boy to a careless girl: I Love u !
 Girl: Ha Ha 
 Boy: I will die for u !!
 Girl: Ha Ha ha
 Boy: I will buy a diamond ring for u 
 Girl: Awww.. really!! Promise ????
 Boy: HaHa Hahahahahahhahahahahahahaha





Boy: What do you think, how do I play Guitar..?
 Girl: I wish you were on T.V.
 Boy: I am so happy to hear that, Am I that Good? 
 Girl: Ummm... Not really; if you were on T.V. I can at least switch it off




How Come When you are single, no one notice this at all ...
 but when you are taken then everyone wants you face-smile.png 
 It is a shame!!!





There is always
 a little truth behind every
 "just kidding"
 a little scream behind every
 "silent answer"
 a little knowledge behind every
 "i don't know"
 a little pain behind every
 "its ok"
 and a big story behind every





 Boy: If I kiss you and Run away what will you think??
 Girl: I will think that it was a fool guy who can solve whole
 paper but only done objectives face-smile.png  face-smile.png 




Boy to a girl: Why Don't you have a boyfriend?
 Girl: I am not allowed to have a boyfriend, but why don't you have a girlfriend ?
 Boy: because you are not allowed to have a boyfriend yet ......!
 just waiting for you!




A Boy Was Following A Girl,
 Girl: please Do not follow me, Because My Mother Is Coming Behind you,
 Boy: Do not you Worry at all, because my Father Is following her”



Girl: Do you think I am pretty?
 Boy: No
 Girl: Do you like me?
 Boy: No
 Girl: If I leave will you cry?
 Boy: No
 (Girl runs away, but boy stops her)
 Boy: I do not think you are pretty,
 I think you are beautiful,
 I do not think I like you,
 I LOVE you, if you leave, I would not cry, I would die



A guy wanted to know the age of a girl so he asked:
 Boy: may i ask you what is your date of birth?
 Girl: yes, it is 4th july (she tried to avoid the answer politely).
 Boy insisted: and which year ... ?
 Girl: every year !! face-smile.png 



Girl to her boyfriend:
 Very Nice Mobile!!.
 Where Did You Buy It?
 Boy: I Won This In A Running Race.
 Girl: WOWW How Many People Participated?
 Boy: Well, it was really tough; peoples participated are MOBILE OWNER, POLICE And ME.
 face-smile.png  face-smile.png 



Q: Why do Girls live Longer Than Boys?
 Ans: Shopping never Causes Heart Attacks,
 But Paying the Bill does. face-smile.png 




Girl: Say You Love Me... Say You Love Me
 Plzzz Say You Love Me
 Boy: Okay You Love Me. face-smile.png 




Girl: Touch your Heart,
 You will feel the rhythm of your heartbeat.
 Boy: Touch your Head,
 You will feel the rhythm of empty pot. Tin... Tin... Tin... face-smile.png 




The wind, the naughty wind, that blows the girls skirt high... but the nature is clever,
 it sends dust with the wind, to close the boys eyes...!

































































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